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Pastor Fred E. Phinisee


Mother Sarah J. Phinisee


Biography Pastor Fred E. Phinisee

    Elder Fred E. Phinisee was born in the state of Mississippi, to Mr. Cleveland and Isabel Phinisee.  He attended Arcola High School. Upon leaving Mississippi, Elder Phinisee moved to Flint, Michigan, after about six months he moved to Indianapolis.  Elder Phinisee received the Holy Ghost at Sanders Temple, under the pastoral leadership of Elder James Sanders.  He worked in the church as the local YPWW

president for many years.  He worked on the usher board and sang in the choir.  Elder Phinisee was called into the ministry in 1973.  He was appointed as district president of YPWW, which he remained over for 25 years.  Elder James Sanders asked Elder Phinisee to help him in Richmond Indiana at Holy Temple.  He was the Assistant and Pastor for about 11 years.  While going to and from Richmond the Lord put in his heart a name for another church, Deliverance Temple!!!!  In 1992, the Lord blessed Elder Phinisee to open the doors of Deliverance Temple at the school on 34th and Emerson in room 102.  Before he started the church, he always went to Elder Sanders for instruction and guidance.  After laboring in the school house for 2 years, the Lord blessed Elder Phinisee with a beautiful building.  In 1973 Elder Phinisee was running a revival in Kentucky, that is where he met his Lovely wife, Sarah Phinisee.  Elder Phinisee Gives all glory and honor to God for the Great things he has done in his life.   

Biography Mother Sarah J. Phinisee

     All Praises and honor belongs to God for what he has done in my life.  Elder Phinisee and I were married on July 27, 1974.  I am so grateful that God brought us together, because of our commitment to God and to each other.  God has given direction and meaning to our lives.  I am thankful for my husband and all the experiences that we have shared.  I can't put a monetary value on him; he's priceless to me.  We have grown closer over the years and I know that God has us together for a special purpose.

     I was born in the state of Mississippi, to Mr. Earl and Everlina Bean.  Being the first of three children, my responsibilities started at an early age.  I attended Rosewald High School located in south Fulto, Kentucky.  My competitiveness allowed me to be the captain of the basketball team.  I completed my education at Broad Ripple High School and went on to earn my Q.M.A in medicine for the state of Indiana.  I am the mother of two girls, the eldest has passed on.  With all My heart and soul, I thank God for my husband and all that he has done for us.


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